Hinckley Archery Club holds a number of different, distinct and challenging competitions throughout the archery season.



The 252 Scheme is a great way for club members to improve their archery while shooting a quick short round.

You start by trying to score a total of 252 or more at 20 yards with three dozen arrows. When you've done this twice, you earn a badge and move to the next distance.

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The Frostbite Award is ran during the winter season, typically from November through to March the following year. It is designed to help an archer practice during the winter by shooting a short round of three dozen arrows at a distance of 30m (approximately 33 yards).

Each archer submits their best Frostbite round per calendar month, and a final 'total' is calculated at the end of the March.

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A "Clout" is a form of archery where the archers shoot arrows at a pole or flag some distance away. Typically these distances are much greater than you would shoot at a normal target when doing competition archery.

The object is to get your arrows as near to the pole or flag as possible.

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ArcheryGB had re-visited and updated the outdoor classifications and handicap scheme to both modernise and create more awards to give all archers a roadmap to progress along, no matter their skill level.

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