The 252 Scheme is a great way for club members to improve their archery while shooting a quick short round.



You start by trying to score a total of 252 or more at 20 yards with three dozen arrows. When you've done this twice, you earn a badge and move to the next distance.

While it's called a '252 Scheme', the scores actually vary depending on the distance and the type of bow you're shooting.


When attempting the '252 Scheme', an archer is allowed six 'sighters' which are then followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows on a 122cm imperial (5 zone) target face. The Maximum score you can achieve is 324.

These scoring arrows are shot at a distance of the archer’s choosing (20-100 yards), with a score of 252 or greater required to qualify for the award.

In the interests of consistency however, a score of 252 or greater (or the equivalent longbow, flatbow, compound or barebow score) needs to be achieved twice to qualify for the corresponding award and must be witnessed and verified by another member.

A distance award may be claimed multiple times if a different bow style is used.

GNAS shooting rules apply. Note: 'barrow' is defined as a recurve bow without a sight, and 'horseback' bows are given the same classification as a flat bow (shooting off the hand).

To download a PDF file of the '252 Scheme' Score Sheet, click here.