Hinckley Archery Club has a long history stretching back more than four decades and continues to play an important role in the local community.



Hinckley Archery Club was founded in 1980 by Ted Steel, Marshal Barfield, Christine Barfield, David Dimmer and Ty Cruddas. It consisted of 5 senior members and 5 junior members. In these early days, the club would shoot indoors at the Hinckley Leisure Centre, with outdoor shooting at Weaver Springs in Earl Shilton.


As the club has progressed, its 'home' has changed several times.

As was the case with many sporting clubs and organisations, the 2020 Covid pandemic brought with it a number of distinct challenges, however for Hinckley Archery Club the pandemic resulted in a significant positive with the club relocating to Parklands Farm in Burbage where we now shoot all year round and have exclusive access to our own range.


Throughout its history, the club has gradually increased its membership and it now stands at around 30 members with ages ranging from 8 to 80 plus!

Although the number of members suffered somewhat during the course of the Covid pandemic, since moving to Parklands Farm and the end of restrictions the clubs membership has steadily increasing with a mixture of juniors, seniors and families shooting most weekends.