Ensuring the safety and well-being of all its members is the primary concern of Hinckley Archery Club. By implementing and ensuring best practice procedures and protocols we are able to provide the best and safest environment in which to practice archery.



At each club session a Field Captain controls the shooting line and ensures the session is run in a correct and safe manner.

The Field Captain is usually a member of Hinckley Archery Clubs committee. If a committee member is unable to attend a session, the archers shooting on that day should nominate one of their number to act as the Field Captain.


The main responsibilities of the field captain are as follows:

  • To ensure the range is safe to use. This includes checking any ropes and guides set for the 'shooting and waiting line'.

  • To be aware of potential hazards and make reasonable efforts to remove or reduce any risks prior to the commencement of the session.

  • To notify all participants of any remaining risks or potential hazards.

  • To perform a safety briefing to all participants before shooting starts.

  • To control when shooting takes place and when arrows are collected.

  • To be the last to return to the shooting line after arrow collection.

  • To check that no individual is left behind the targets.

  • To give the signal for when shooting can commence.

  • To ensure that the entire shooting line can be seen at all times.


A combination of whistles or voice commands issued by the Field Captain are used to control the shooting and collecting of arrows. These are summarised below:

  • One whistle blows or the voice command 'safe to shoot' - this permits archers to move from the waiting line to shooting line and commence shooting.

  • Three whistle blows or the voice command 'safe to collect' - this permits the archers to move over the shooting line and collect their arrows from the target.

  • Short whistle blow or the voice command 'fast' or 'stop' - this is used if there is a danger or hazard on the range. Participants must come down if at full draw and remove their arrow from the bow and return to the wait line.

An individual archer may also be instructed to 'come down'. At this command, the archer should come down to a relaxed position, remaining on the shoot line so an adjustment can be made.


For your own personal safety and for the safety of others it is important that members disclose any relevant medical conditions to the coaches. This, of course, can be done in private and in confidence, if required.


Personal safety is also important, as when shooting the bow string can easily catch and cause injury. As such, Hinckley Archery Club follows the Archery GB guidelines known as CHIPS.

  • CLOTHING - avoid loose fitting clothing that could catch the bow string, as well as items that have strings or loose cords. Observe the weather conditions and wear appropriate clothing.

  • HAIR - should be tied back to avoid being caught when the bow string is released.

  • INJURIES - should be shared with the instructor to ensure that you are safe and comfortable to shoot. A first aid box is available for minor injuries during shooting.

  • PIERCINGS - visible and non-visible piercings should be removed.

  • SHOES - it is recommended that boots are worn all year round to remove any possibility of injury from a hidden arrow in the grass.


ArcheryGB has the following 'Rules of Shooting'.