The Frostbite Award is ran during the winter season, typically from November through to March the following year, and is for all archers irrespective of age, ability or bow type.



For the 'Frostbite Award', an archer shoots three dozen arrows at a short distance of 30m (approximately 33 yards). The archer then submits their best 'Frostbite' round of that calendar month, and at the end of the 'Frostbite' period, each monthly score is totalled up to give a final score.

Note: Juniors who have not achieved their 30 yard '252 Scheme' badge can shoot from 18m (approximately 20 yards) on an 80cm target face.


When attempting the 'Frostbite Award', an archer is allowed six 'sighters' which are then followed immediately by three dozen scored arrows on a 80cm (10 zone) target face from the specified distance (30m for adults, 18m for juniors).

The Maximum score you can achieve is 360, but badges can be earned for scores of 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 315, 330, 340, 350 and 355. There is a charge of £1 per badge.

The scoresheet must be submitted to the club and witnessed by another archer, and in a similar fashion to the '252 Scheme', the actual 'score' varies depending on the type of bow being used.